Wednesday, May 04, 2011


We all have a weakness...

For me, that's the understatement of the century...for crying out loud!
Well, I have a zillion - no - a trillion weaknesses.
Some get better day by day
They may even become an advantage...
Some get worse as days and years and centuries go by
They may even destroy me

Some may call them "addictions"
Some may call them "low self-esteem"
Others may call weaknesses whatever they decide to
Not my problem.

I simply call them "WEAKNESSES"
And if I can't fight them
then, I might as well enjoy them...

One of them is you...

Will I survive the

Day 20

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πνευμα said...

and sometimes enjoying is the best way to fight them.

we may even get surprised in realising that they were not waknesses after all but unknown aspects of our own caracter...

bluesmartoulis said...

Γειά σου πνεύμα.
Συνήθως απ΄όσο γνωρίζω οι αδυναμίες είναι πλευρές του χαρακτήρα μας ή εκφάνσεις-εκφράσεις διαφόρων φόβων, ανασφαλειών κλπ που ο καθένας μας έχει.
Ακόμα δεν έχω καταλήξει άν πρέπει να τις πολεμούμε-όχι αυτές καθ΄αυτές τις αδυναμίες αλλά τα αίτιά τους ή να τις δεχτούμε και να προσπαθήσουμε να βγάζουμε πάντα κάτι θετικό απ΄αυτές...
Ο χρόνος πάντα δείχνει!
Το θέμα με τον χρόνο είναι πως πάει μόνο μπροστά...
Γλυκειά καλημέρα